Our Team


At Rainbow we believe that our most valuable assets are the people who make it all work from day to day. During the peak of our busy season we have 500+ employees who are an important and valuable part of the operation. We are a diverse team that cooperates well together. Aside from working well together, we also have fun together! Our company BBQ’s, events & celebrations offer us a way to appreciate our employees and invest in team building. We are always looking for fresh talent and energy. If you are interested in  joining our dynamic team, please refer to the available positions below, or contact our office for further inquiries.

Our merchandising employees serve as liaison with our customers retail store managers. Merchandisers help to monitor the care, quality, and layouts of our products once delivered to the stores. Our merchandising teams are reliant on cooperation with our sales managers in order to manage the deliveries, sales efforts, inventory control, and replenishment.


Team Work
We are one team, working together for optimal results. We all win when everyone does their part.

Performing our tasks while demonstrating good attitudes and a positive outlook.

Own It
Having good work ethic and a willingness to do what it takes to finish the job well.