Growing Green

Plastic & Cardboard Recycling

In June of 2010, Rainbow Greenhouses, in co-operation with CEPCO (Chilliwack Economic Partner Corporation) and FVRD (Fraser Valley Regional District Agriculture Advisory Committee) initiated a pilot project to encourage plastic recycling in the agricultural sector of this region by developing a comprehensive program for our greenhouse operation. We recycle approximately 50,000 kgs of plastic a year and all cardboard waste on-site is recycled.


Green Waste and Ash

All our plant material and organic waste is collected daily and composted on site. The ash waste from our carbon neutral biofuel system is also collected and mixed with our composted organic waste to produce high-end, nutrient rich growing media for plants. We are continuing with Research & Development in this area to reach our goal of turning all bio waste into the best high-end reusable product possible.


Irrigation Systems

Recirculating irrigation systems are used to conserve water and reduce the amount of fertilizer used on crops. This also reduces the potential for fertilizers and pesticides leaching into the ground.


Integrated Pest Management

We use an IPM (integrated pest management system). IPM is a system that involves a scouting program, a combination of conventional spraying, and biological pest controls to keep our greenhouse free and clear of all pestsĀ  reducing the amount of pesticides being used in the greenhouse.