About Us

Stan & Wilma Vander Waal started Rainbow Greenhouses in 1985 brokering potted plants and cut flowers into the Seattle, Washington marketplace.

In 1986 Rainbow became a wholesale/broker for the Northern B.C. and Alberta marketplace selling to a variety of chain stores, florists, and garden centers. In 1988 Stan & Wilma purchased the current location on South Sumas Road, beginning with 26,000 square feet of growing area. Initially most of the product was sold through the United Flower Growers auction but in 1992 Rainbow started its own direct marketing program. Additional customers and increased demand has led to expansion, and the greenhouse complex now utilizes 530,000 square feet of growing area.

In July 2003, Stan & Wilma acquired Rosedale Greenhouses & Farm Ltd, 150,000 square feet of greenhouses, formerly owned by Stan’s parents. This location has also been expanded and now consists of 360,000 square feet of growing space.

In 2005 we expanded our growing area with the addition of new greenhouses in southern Alberta. Currently we have 800,000 square feet of growing space there, with another 200,000 sq. ft. under construction. This production area is focused more on seasonal products. In 2013 a large expansion is planned at the Chilliwack home base which will include a new 9 bay shipping area, a new propagation area and growing area, new growers’ offices, employee lunchroom, and office complex.

Today Rainbow Greenhouses Inc. is a privately owned wholesale grower and distributor of potted plants, located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. We are committed to providing the market with high quality plants. The company serves various markets in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as Washington, USA. Rainbow Greenhouses Inc. produces a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and seasonal plants. We also partner with local greenhouses for them to custom grow their specialty crops for us. As well, we source many types of plants internationally to bring them into our market.

Chilliwack location. We endeavor to stay on the leading edge in every aspect of the business, including structure and equipment, research and development, environmental stewardship and industry involvement. As Rainbow Greenhouses makes every effort to be on the leading edge in the industry, automation has become an important way of completing day-to-day tasks. The company has invested in Agronomics and Visser Robotic Transplant systems, automated pot fillers, and assembly line planter systems in order to achieve optimum production. Echo Basket Systems dominate all of the newer facilities allowing basket work to be completed from the main walkways. The majority of water is completed by ebb and flood systems and watering booms which are predominately computer controlled.

However, in all the expanding and advancing in technology we have not lost sight of our most valuable assets which are the people who make it all work from day to day. At the peak of our busy season we have over 200 employees but we strive to make each one feel they are an important and valuable part of the operation. To accomplish this we are very active in developing professional HR policies and practices beginning with recruitment and hiring, to onboarding, performance evaluations, professional training, and health and safety committees.